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So you’ve got your foot in the door of a company and things are going ok. You’re making more money than you’ve ever made and are still excited to finally be working in IT. Yep you’ve worked hard and now you should take a little time to enjoy it right? Actually, this is the best time to start planning for your future in IT.

The best way to keep yourself marketable and, better yet, employed is to become an expert in the technology that your company and industry uses.  Regardless of the industry there’s a good chance you’re working with MS. The Cloud not withstanding Microsoft will be a player in Business Computing and Infrastructure for some time, so you can never go wrong by gaining Microsoft expertise and the latest cert/expert ranking is the MVP: Most Valuable Professional.


By Angela Artsley – New Grad Life

Before you get a job, you must pass the phone nterview. This is just part of the job hunt – and must be done properly. The issue is many college grads who are looking for jobs have no clue how to handle answer interview questions, fix your voice and tone and succeed in the phone interview. When you’re done watching, browse our other content

The emergence of cloud technology, mobile computing and HTML5 will soon put a new face on the Internet. What is the new web going to look like and how will it change the way we use it? The following post gives an idea. Google has added new functionality to their push API that allows real-time updates to web pages, similar to RSS. This is just one of the innovations coming in the new face of the web. What else can we expect?  The Google developer’s conference is today May 19th and tomorrow May 20th. There are a bevy of new technologies coming from Google that will both enhance our experience and push the envelope from a technological standpoint. Check out the links below for more information. I’ve posted a link to an article about Google’s new push API and I also posted a link to Google’s blog that covers all the announcements from Day 1 of the Google Developer’s conference. Enjoy.

Google Push API

Google I/O Day 1 Announcements

By Reuters –

PARIS/SAN FRANCISCO, May 19 – Google’s Android mobile phone system is building momentum, beating Microsoft in the last quarter and challenging Apple as the number of new models with software and compatible applications grow.

Google’s Android was the fourth most popular operating system on smartphones sold in the first quarter, research firm Gartner said on Wednesday, putting the
company in a good position as handsets look set to surpass computers for browsing
the Web.

A new zero-day security vulnerability is at the heart of a new Microsoft Security Advisory, which warns about a flaw that could impact a variety of 64-bit Windows systems.

It’s the latest unpatched zero-day security vulnerability that. Microsoft has warned IT
administrators in recent weeks. eSecurity Planet takes a look at the latest vulnerability and its potential impact on users’ systems.

One of my students forwarded me this post from Techrepublic so I thought I’d share it. I am currently teaching an Introduction To Linux course so I thought this might be relevant. Linux is coming increasingly popular in the consumer space. Many users are becoming disenchanted with Microsoft and are jumping on the Open Source bandwagon. Being an instructor at a Technical College, one of the things I try to do early on is introduce my students to different versions of Linux before they take the class, to decrease the learning curve. A lot students, once they get their first look at Linux, immediately want to download a distro and play with it. The mistake most newbies make is that they approach the install and configuration like they would a Windows install. Probably not the thing to do. The following is a list of common mistakes newcomers to the Linux platform make. I hope you find it useful. Link