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Folder Redirection

As I mentioned in today’s lecture one of the ways Windows domains allow users to make their Desktop and My Documents folders accessible to them from any machine in the domain, is to use roaming profiles. Roaming profiles are relatively easy to configure but have been known to be rather buggy. Also, roaming profiles eat up bandwidth on your network and slow the start up of the OS. Many network administrators now use folder redirection to handle this problem and skip the roaming profile configuration. Folder redirection doesn’t need to down/up load data and increases performance during startup greatly. Check out this video to implement folder redirection.


There’s a serious flurry of Android 2.2 related news breaking right now, and especially through the last few days. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that every carrier and manufacturer out there is taking the update seriously, and considering the hassles they all went through with Android 2.0, and 2.1, that’s to be expected. Now, though, we’ve got official word that Android 2.2 is coming to the original Motorola Droid beginning some time next week.

Having tech skills are very important in the workplace, but guess what? A LOT of people have good tech skills, particularly in this job market. What then differentiates you from your coworkers AKA the competition? Soft skills and professionalism. Check out the post from the Ten Things newsletter, I think you’ll find it very useful.