I’ve decided to add a new feature to the blog and thought I’d tell you all about it. As Twitter matures and gains acceptance, developers and Tweeters are finding new ways to use them. One of the most interesting ways I found is services that take Twitter streams and turn them into online newspapers. Paper.li and Twittertim.es are the two that I use. I could swear there was another one but for the life of me can’t find it on the web, but I digress. I’m going to start doing a twice daily recap of my Paper.li online newspaper giving you the highlights of the paper. Paper.li is a static address and doesn’t archive papers, so as of now the paper won’t have archives, but I’m working on finding a service or tool that will allow me to archive them. I’ll keep you posted on that. At any rate here’s the recap of the first edition. 

There will be three constant sections: 
The Instructor’s Pick – These are things that I find interesting for various reasons. 

Tech Wrap-up – The top story, in my opinion, from the Tech Section
Business and Careers – Stuff from the Business sections and my musings on how it might affect your job search and career. 
There will be one intermittent section 
Punditry – This will be an editorial of sorts, although more than likely will be a rant or diatribe knowing me. 
The Instructor’s Picks 
Can Skype Pull a Netflix for TV Video Chat? – I think it’s pretty damned cool that Skype is thinking about getting into the online video game, I love where your head is at Skype. I have the Skype app on my Droid (yeah I’m an Android fanboy) and occasionally use it. I love the concept and would love to get into it more, but I don’t call internationally all that often. Although now that I think of it I should. I like the idea of getting video on my phone and hopefully getting it for free. Check it out for yourself. 

Tech Wrap-up
This edition isn’t too exciting but one story is pretty funny, Apple PR is claiming that Steve Jobs’ infamous response to users who complained about the iPhone 4 antenna “scandal” is fake, I call (and smell) bullshit. We’ll see. Nexus One got an update to Froyo, I’m still waiting for my Droid’s 2.2 update so who cares about the Nexus One. The other story is of interest to me because I’m a blogger and budding SEO/SMO consultant. I’ll try out the tools and maybe post the results to this or one of my other blogs. 

The most interesting story here, is definitely Google expanding its’ world domination plans into the Travel Industry, the post makes some really interesting points about the reasons some people in the Travel Industry are concerned Google could become a monopoly or give itself unfair advantage in the marketplace. They’ve got their hand in online travel and just bought a travel IT company that houses most of the data for the travel industry. If your curious about business trends and the like it’s worth reading Paper.li